Sky Nations 0.115 / 0.118

Sky Nations has released a new couple of updates for both client and server. A few days after 0.114 / 0.117, the versions 0.115 / 0.118 have been released.

We must admit that for the moment, the game do not seems to meet a huge success. Today we have found only 3 servers and they were all empty.

Client Changelog 0.115


  • You can now unbind from Spawn stones by right clicking them again after binding to them.
  • Changed update text to be more clear for new updater.
  • Re-added death boon to keep you on your spawn while loading
  • Blue Lanterns now have their own texture.
  • You can now turn lanterns on and off with right click.
  • You now press default shift to not fall off edges(if you’re not hardcore).
  • Base ships are now much smaller and the longest side is always the back.


  • Changed Hard Glass to use 8 sand and molten rock.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed sliding bug.
  • Fixed teleporting on chunk/ship being destroyed.
  • Fixed sculpted items not being removed when player logs out.


Server Changelog 0.118


  • No longer records chunk fetches in log.
  • Now logs corrupted chunks.
  • Changed chunk reading to correctly mark corrupted chunks to avoid the ‘jumping’ bug on them.
  • Optimized cannons.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where ship spawns were being re-issued IDs.
  • Fixed multiple death messages.


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