Another alpha version, a town and some snapshots


The version Alpha 0.0.2 for Infinite Pixels has been released to backers.



Vox show what could a town look like.



And two new snapshots for Minecraft are available: 13w23a/b

  • Added new /spreadplayers command
  • Added new gamerule for natural health regen
  • Some balancing to potions and hunger
  • [BUG MC-13880] – Cows eat buckets. Seems unhealthy!
  • [BUG MC-16074] – Teleporting to “NaN” crashes the game
  • [BUG MC-84211] – Remove ‘docm77′ mob as it is not working as intended
  • [BUG MC-16290] – Custom Mob spawner crashing game
  • [BUG MC-17051] – Dogs attack Horses


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