Starforge version 0.36

Starforge version 0.36 was released some days ago. This new version add a lot of changes and new features.

Note: If you use Starforge on Steam, you have to opt in on Steam to get this update. Right click on Starforge, go to “Properties”, select the “Betas” tab and then select the Beta update.

The game now use the version 4 of the Unity engine. The staff used a lof of time to finish this conversion. Future updates should now roll out more quickly.



  • Added Day/Night cycle
  • Added vehicles (‘E’ to enter/exit/flip)
    • First player to enter will be the driver
    • Can accomodate one other player as a passenger
    • Players can flip the vehicle back on it’s wheels
    • Can be destroyed
  • Added new terrain to Creative Mode that will be better for driving around in
  • Added throwables (‘G’ to throw, ‘H’ to cycle to next type)
    • Frag grenades
    • Smoke grenades
    • Glowsticks


  • [F] toggles flashlight; other players can see you toggling it.
  • Updated to Unity 4
  • Complete project audit to clean it up and make it easier to work with
  • Significantly reduced memory usage:
    • Reduced texture resolutions as allowed
    • Removed unneeded assets so they aren’t loaded
    • Compressed music, and decreased music bitrate
    • Assets are loaded when required, instead of at the beginning of the level
  • Improved clouds/sky
    • More volumetric look
    • Made prettier
  • Slightly improved UI
    • More obvious about what features are working or not
    • Improved visuals
  • Adjusted assets between the different playmodes so they’re more extensible
  • Made some changes to the network code to allow for more complex interactions in multiplayer
  • Consolidated the confusing hotkey bars into a single bar
    • Players can assign weapons and cubes to a single hotkey bar
    • No more need to switch between “cube” and “weapons” mode – it’s context sensitive based on what you have selected
  • Pallets have more realistic weights so they can be knocked around by shooting them, etc.
  • Completely reworked the inventory system for future expansion
  • Variety of wording changes on messages shown to the player
  • Tweaked settings for visuals when the player is hit/dead

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bunch of physics related bugs regarding “massless” items, such as the hologram when placing a turret
  • Improved the logic that occurs during a game restart to prevent a bunch of problems
  • Fixed some network code that was incorrect, but by luck, happened to be working as expected
  • Changed a lot of code so that actions (ie. Jumping, respawing) won’t be occurring while the player is typing in chat
  • Fixed a variety things so the output log isn’t full of useless spam
  • Fixed a bug that could cause seemingly random pieces of the game not to work correctly
  • Various minor bug fixes

Known Issues

  • Gun turret on vehicle doesn’t function
  • Control scheme for throwables isn’t ideal, will be changed in future update
  • Memory improvements aren’t complete yet, more improvements coming
  • The UI seen in this update isn’t the promised “dynamic UI”, it’s just a slight improvement of what was there already
  • Procedural weapons are currently non-functional




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