Sky Nations coming on Desura

On June 13th, Sky Nations will be available in its alpha state on Desura (the gaming platform of IndieDB).

The game is still being developed, you’re buying into a game that’s
still being built! The plus side of this is that you’ll get to have a
say on things as they are added, changed and iterated on. The game
itself currently has a base amount of items and blocks to get you going
with the main features of the game: flying a ship, ship v ship battle
and exploring. But they’ll be much more content to come as it is
developed.  Purchasing the game at this early stage will help fund the
further development and help bring in some really talented people to
bring music and better animation to the game.

The price is so low that we have bought it without hesitations and we will give you our first impressions as soon as it’s available.


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